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 About Fathom Innovations

Fathom Innovations uses a remote model for business by hiring and partnering with elite marketing professionals across the country to provide clients with the highest quality of service for the lowest cost.  From web designers to SEO specialists to social media wizards, our associates can create marketing that captures the essence of your company’s best image and delivers a brand and message that resonates with your customers.

What Fathom Innovations is About

Some companies offer cookie-cutter approaches to digital marketing, hoping to make a quick profit.  At Fathom Innovations, we are about lasting quality that continues to deliver results to your company over the lifetimes of your products and services.  We provide insights through deep research and analytics into your industry and your competition.

Doctor Who?

Dr. Casey S. McClureA former professor turned renegade marketer, Dr. Casey S. McClure founded Fathom Innovations to deliver the kind of marketing results noticeably absent in most of the online world.  Combining real-world experience, cutting-edge creativity, and deep passion for marketing, Casey leads the team at Fathom Innovations to create spectacular results using a proprietary blend of SEO, web design, SEM, social media marketing, content marketing, and web analytics.