seals-flowserve-2As this document from Marketo attests, the energy industry is preparing for total transformation in digital marketing technology. For many years, the energy industry has not kept abreast of changes in digital marketing, even while innovations in the capture of energy are developing quickly.

The leadership in the energy sector has been steeped in old-school traditions and methods, and is typically suspicious of new marketing avenues online and through social media. While most customer groups are moving more and more quickly towards making purchasing decision on mobile phones, the energy industry has stagnated, relying on phone calls and direct mail instead.

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Today, more than 60% of web traffic and buying decisions occur on mobile devices and rely heavily on influences through social media. For the energy industry, a comprehensive digital communications strategy will become necessary to reach customers that are researching the best choices for solutions online. Online customer buying funnels, marketing automation systems, social media strategies, and search marketing solutions have proven to increase lead acquisition by percentages approaching 500%.