Content Marketing


Content Marketing is the process of creating engaging, unique, and relevant content in the form of articles which are then distributed through blogs, social media, email, or traditional websites. It has three distinct advantages for any business.
Customers who read unique, engaging, and relevant articles are more likely to think of the company that produced the article as a “thought leader.”

This mental positioning means that when customers get to the point of making a buying decision, they will depend on preconceived notions about the companies that have the solutions that they desire. That positioning in the mind of the consumer is sometimes referred to as “mental real estate.”

Shareable Digital Content

Articles, particularly those that are focused on issues of concern from your customers, are much more likely to be shared through social media. The social media posts can then be re-shared, re-tweeted, or emailed, and the viral spread of your message will potentially impact a much larger audience.

The organic ranking of websites is raised through Content Marketing. Search engines give higher rankings to websites that have new, relevant content and high social media signals consistently published. Additionally, when content is shared via social media, search engines receive “signals” which add to the authority and rank of the website.

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